Library Circulation Policy
Check-out Policy

Library Classes: Students visit the library with their class weekly, where they may check out one to three books at a time, depending on their grade and their teacher’s instructions. 

Check out period: Books are checked out for one week at a time with options to renew.

Number of check outs by grade level:

  • Kindergarten and first grade: 1 book
  • Second grade: 1 book, after Christmas break 2 books
  • Third grade: 2 books
  • Fourth and Fifth grade: 3 books

Renewal: If a student is still reading at the end of the week, they may renew by bringing the book to the library to check out again, as many times as needed.

Care of books: Please help your child select a safe, dry place to keep their library books at home. It’s a good idea to put them in the same place, away from areas where food & drink, pets, and toddlers could cause damage, and where they can be located quickly. Some choose to keep their books in their backpack in a high and secure place. Keeping the book(s) in a plastic bag inside the backpack is a good idea during wet weather.


Overdue, Damaged and Lost Book Policy

Overdue books: Notices will be sent home regularly for books that are past due by more than one library class visit. This way if your student just forgot it was library day and his books are due now, he would not receive a notice. However, if his books were due the last time he came to the library, he would receive a notice.

Damaged books: Sometimes accidents happen. If a book is damaged, please be responsible and return what is left to the librarian. She will determine if it needs to be replaced, or if it can be repaired, and assess the appropriate fines. (Fines will not be assessed for the kinds of damage due to normal wear and tear.)

Lost books: To clear up a lost book, students must return, replace, or pay for the book. Most paperback books are $5 to $15. Most hardcover books are $10 to $50. If the book cannot be located and payment is a financial hardship, a lost book may be replaced with a different book that is in good condition and of comparable value OR arrangements may be made for the student to spend free time working in the library or school.

Please note that any books past due from the previous school year will be considered lost. 

Consequences for Lost Books: When a book is placed in lost, the librarian, teacher, and/or principal may conference to agree upon the best course of action to help the student clear their record, taking into account the student’s past track record, age & ability of the student, the cost of the book, possible family support at home, and needed jobs in the school. This may include calls to parents, working at a library or school job, losing the privilege to check books out.