The Circle (Art)

The Circle

The name of our club is: THE CIRCLE (Art Club) of Estacada High School

“The Circle” Art Club is open to any and all who enjoy creating art.  You do not have to be currently enrolled in an art class to be part of this club, just a dedication and enthusiasm for art.  Club time can be used to organize and plan art events, fundraisers, as well as just studio time to work on personal artwork.

Location:  The Art Studio

The advisor of our club is: Janice Packard

The president of our club is: No president --- we function as a committee with a quorum of 3 needed for decisions.

When will we host our meetings? (You need to have a set time for our website. For instance, you can say, “the second wednesday of the month during lunch,” or “every Friday after school,” or “The first Wednesday of the month”) We meet every Wednesday at 12:30 in the Art room.

What bylaws and/or procedures will our club have?

Club Member Expectations:

  • Students must work together in harmonious cooperation with one another, respecting others suggestions and opinions.

  • Students will respect all art forms and the creations of their peers.

  • Come to club to either work on your own art or make a positive contribution to event planning.

  • Students can have fun, but must respect the atmosphere of the art studio for those quietly working.

  • Students must be committed to Art and the promotion of it within the school and Estacada Community (this includes care and maintenance of art on display).

To be a member, what GPA must the member uphold?  3.0 (passing all classes)

To be a member, how many meetings must the member attend? Have to attend a minimum of once a month.

To be a member, how many events must the member participate in?

1 each of the following:

  • Fundraisers (if any that year)

  • EHS Art Showcase (held in May)

  • Collaborative Art Events (if any that year)

How will our club benefit the Estacada High School Ranger Population?

  • Raises the Art Department’s profile in the wider Estacada community and generates community support.

  • Maintains the EHS Art Collection, adding at least once piece of art per year to enhance the environment of our school.

  • Promotes the Visual Arts program at EHS.

  • Creates an Arts community presence within EHS.

  • A way to introduce students to the Art Department that currently do not have time to fit it in their schedule.

  • Gives art enthusiasts a place to gather and make art.

  • Provides artistic support to all student artists practicing their craft and provides them with access to competition, exhibition experience and a community within the school giving them a place to be safe and belong.

  • It creates the EHS Art Showcase every year.

  • Provides opportunities to collaborate with other EHS organizations and departments.

What is our purpose? What goals do we have as a club? What proof can we show our club advisor and our High School’s administration that our club is integral to our school?


  • Art events bring EHS Ranger community together and exposes the broader student population to the wide variety of possibilities through art.

  • Helping student artists cope with their frustration of signing up for art classes they never get in by providing a place/community and time to make art.

  • The annual EHS Art Showcase promotes the Visual Arts Department not only within EHS, but by opening it for public viewing to elementary and middle school students of Estacada, as well as community members.

  • The EHS Art Collection shows, informs, inspires and raises art awareness among the school population. It also builds Ranger Art Pride!

  • Provides an openness toward collaboration with various other school organizations and departments within EHS.

  • Creates an opportunity to grow in their artistic capabilities and overall self-confidence.

  • Helps promotes the achievements of student artists in the eyes of the broader Estacada community.