La sociedad honoraria Hispánica

La Sociedad 2016
Club Advisor: Ben Hargrave

Club President: Delaney Alves 

Club Vice-President: Cynthia Martínez

Club Secretary: Haley Rivers

Club Treasurer: Sam Abbett 

Club Meeting Times and Locations: Every two weeks on Tuesday during lunch 

Purpose and Benefits of La sociedad honoraria hispánica: We embrace the Spanish-speaking culture and language. We spread our knowledge of culture to others and we raise the level of expectation in education by choosing to take honors classes. This club provides enrichment opportunities and allows for students the opportunity to graduate with honors. This club is evidence that students care about different cultures, being aware of the world, and interacting with others different than ourselves. 

Bylaws and Procedures: 
-Students are accepted after applying in their third year of Spanish 
-Students must maintain a B+ average in Spanish classes and at least a 3.2 GPA 
-To graduate with honors, students must be an active participant in the Sociedad 
-A member must attend at least 80% of in-school and out-of-school meetings