FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

FCA Banner Picture

Club Advisor: 
Glen Nation

Club President: Ashley Liber

Club Vice-Presidents: Dylan Beguelin and Alex Moore

Club Secretary: Adam Griffith

Meeting Times and Locations: Every Monday at Lunch in Mr. Nation's room. 

The Benefits of FCA: This club brings together students who share the same love of sports, through the worship of God. It gives students the freedom to worship as a group without discrimination or judgements. 

The Purpose of FCA: Our purpose is to worship God and give thanks for all He has done. The club is a great way for students to practice their beliefs with others and not feel threatened. 

Club Bylaws and Procedures: 
-Any student may attend
-Members must attend at least 80% of the meetings
-Members must be athletes and help in at least one meeting each year