AntFarm Supports Estacada, Sandy, and Clackamas County

AntFarm Supports Estacada, Sandy, and Clackamas County
Posted on 10/19/2020
Educators, Counselors, and Youth & Family Supports,
Covid-19 has affected us all. AntFarm has decided to offer a full fall schedule with in-person and virtual activities. Activities are designed for fun, for support, to help with school, and to move everyone forward in getting a job and coping with all that is happening. All of our activities primarily support Estacada and Sandy, however, the virtual activities are far reaching to serve all of Clackamas County. Reach out to us and have a conversation and let’s move forward together!
Nunpa, Valerie, Claudia, and Leticia
AntFarm Youth Services
P.S. Please note that we have leased a building in Estacada at 350 Zobrist and plan to rehab the space beginning in November. We are looking for Estacada High School youth to help with construction! These will be paid employees as well as unpaid internship positions.