How can I help?

There are countless ways you can help our students launch themselves out into the world!
ASPIRE is seeking not only mentors, but we can always use support people to help at events, manage a college visitation calendar, seek out scholarships we might not know about, manage bulletin boards and announcements, organize volunteers,  and any of the other numerous tasks that make the program useful and life-changing for our students. 

As is usual, volunteer mentors are number one on our wish list. We could specifically use mentors who are interested in mentoring students who want to enter the following careers:

*Performing Arts
*Law Enforcement
*Numerous Vocational Paths

You do not necessarily have experience working in those fields yourself, but you might have an interest in helping to guide a student who intends to pursue those fields after high school as their post-graduation plan. 

Please visit the ASPIRE volunteer page today and then call our ASPIRE coordinator to find out more about how you can get started, as a mentor or in any of the other capacities listed above.