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Outdoor Contact Sports Opt-In Form

Updated 2/16/2021

This form is to be used by a school located in a county designated as High Risk or Extreme Risk to notify of its intent to opt in to offer outdoor contact sports for the 2020-21 school year in accordance with the Governor’s February 10, 2021 update to Outdoor Contact Sports Guidance. Once final, this form will be posted to a school or district website and a link to it will then be sent to ODE.

In Lower Risk and Moderate Risk counties, practices and games for outdoor contact sports, including high school football, can resume following health and safety guidance to be issued by the Oregon Health Authority.

In High Risk and Extreme Risk counties, where COVID-19 remains more widespread, schools and other sports organizations can opt-in to resuming outdoor full contact sports with additional protocols in place. In such counties, sports organizations must offer on-site responsive testing for symptomatic individuals and close contacts, contact information for contact tracing, and a waiver identifying health and safety risks and a commitment to isolation and quarantine if exposed to COVID-19.  Schools in Extreme and High Risk counties must also have at least limited in-person instruction occurring, with the goal of achieving hybrid or full in-person instruction for students this school year.  Schools must also be in compliance with state guidance for COVID-19 testing.

Please fill out the following information for your school, district or program:

Information Needed

Your Response

Name of School, District or Program

Estacada High School

Key Contact Person for this Plan

Mike Waer

Phone Number of this Person

503-630 8515

Email Address of this person

Specify Outdoor Contact Sports Included in this Plan

Football and Cheer

Intended Starting Date for this Plan

February 17th 2021



School Instructional Model

OHA Requirements

  • The school must Offer, at a minimum, Comprehensive Distance Learning with Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI), with the goal of implementing Hybrid or full On-Site Instructional Models for students before the end of the 2020-21 school year.
  • Detail your school’s current instructional model and note the date it began.

Plan Details for School Instructional Model

  • Instructional Model: Limited in Person Instruction (LIPI), Hybrid, and CDL
    • LIPI started on 1/13/2021 for secondary students and has continued through 2/17/21
    • Hybrid: 
      • Schedule/Cohorts: Cohort A: Monday/Tuesday on site; Cohort B: Wednesday/Thursday on site. 
      • K-1: 1/25/21
      • 2-5: 2/8/2021
      • 6-12: 2/18/2021
    • CDL has been offered all school year and will continue to be offered for students who elect to not receive in person learning.
  • Safety Protocols: 
    • Daily symptom pre-screening is completed by all students and staff, before arriving at school or work. 
    • Contact tracking is implemented for all students and staff. 
    • Reopening handbooks and other safety related resources have been developed for staff and students to follow. Training has been provided through various methods: in person, virtual, small group meetings, table top exercise, and videos. 
    • All resources, including training, reopening handbook, and the Districts Operational blueprints can be found at:


On-Site Testing for Symptomatic Individuals and Close Contacts

OHA Requirements

  • The school must offer on-site responsive testing for symptomatic individuals and those with known exposures to individuals with COVID-19. This applies to athletes and support staff and volunteers.Schools must also be in compliance with state guidance for COVID-19 testing.
  • Detail your school’s specific plans to meet this requirement.
  • Please review COVID-19 Testing in Oregon’s K-12 Schools for additional information.

Plan Details for On-Site Testing for Symptomatic Individuals and Close Contacts

All students (including those who participate in athletics, clubs, and other co-curricular activities) and staff that are exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19 will be offered a rapid test. Individuals will be taken to the health room (isolation room) for further evaluation by the District's Nurse or contracted CNA's. If it is determined that an individual will need a test, one will be offered; however, the individual is not required to take the rapid test. All students under the age of 18 must have parent/legal guardian consent before a test is administered. 

  • Negative results: The individual (student or staff) will be asked to go home and remain home, until symptom free for 72 hours (without medication). Documentation of the results will be sent home, along with resources on monitoring symptoms and if further action is needed. 
  • Positive results:  The individual (student or staff) will be asked to go home and will remain in isolation until they are able to go home. Documentation of the results will be sent home, along with resources on monitoring symptoms and what further action is needed. The District will implement the confirmed case response protocol.

All tests that are administered will be documented in the internal reporting log, as well as, in the ODE reporting portal. Testing equipment will be disposed of properly, using a hazard waste bag. 

  • Testing Administrators: District Nurse, Contracted CNA's, and all Vice Principals


Contact Information for Contact Tracing

OHA Requirements

Estacada High School Contact Tracing Form

Plan Details for Contact Information for Contact Tracing

Please enter the details of your plan that correspond to the requirements listed above:

All students will be screened daily by their coach or supervisor.  Anyone answering yes to any of the three questions will be sent home.  Logs will be kept weekly with attendance and question responses in the case where a student tests positive we can contact trace those who were in close contact.

Student-Athlete Waiver

Link to Estacada High School Waiver


Plan Details for Student-Athlete Waiver

Athletes and Parents will sign the waiver prior to competing in any athletic season